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Instinct Acquires DogFighter IPR
08 Mar 2012 15:30

Instinct Software Ltd proudly announces the acquisition of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of several games from Dark Water Studios Ltd, including indie hit DogFighter (available on Steam). Hav [ ... ]

Instinctive Art
10 Jul 2011 14:38

Check out this blog from Pete McNally, which amongst other things, highlights some of the great art created in and around the Instinct Engine, which at the time pioneered processes and techniques that [ ... ]

Instinct Technology IPR
06 Jul 2011 19:00

Instinct Software is to proud to announce its acquisition of the Instinct Technology Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). This allows the development on the Instinct Engine SDK games middleware to cont [ ... ]

Editor Geometry Batching
22 May 2011 20:22

When developing an editor it's sometimes hard to focus on performance, as the 'user is king' ethos means a dedication to the user experience that's not always prevalent in the engine that the editor i [ ... ]

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